During the Covid-19 sheltering period, to ensure the safety of all, our circles are meeting over Zoom or outdoors with social distancing and masks. Contact the Circle Leaders for information on the Zoom link.

Circle Principles

  • Gather the Women Circles welcome diverse perspectives, offer a sacred center to hold space for the Spirit of the Circle and an intentional rim to embrace the energy created.
  • GTW Circles encourage the use of a talking piece for each sister’s voice or her silence to be heard. We practice deep listening and refrain from side conversations and comments.
  • A Circle offers a safe place to share personal experiences.
  • A Circle guardian may use a sounding device to call for a pause for moments of reflection and to re-center the Circle.
  • GTW acknowledges that there is a leader in every chair and each sister is responsible for the health of the Circle.
  • Personal information shared in Gather the Women Circles remains confidential.
  • Gather the Women Leadership understands that ours is not the only way or better way; ours is simply another way.

Gather the Women Circles

From women attending our circles:

““When I meet in Circle with other women, I find my heart just opens naturally.”A.L.

“Gather the Women allowed me to step into my power and the leader I am emerged. She’s inside you, too.”J.H.P.

Full Moon Women’s
Water Ceremony


Women’s Prosperity Circle


Drumming for Life


Women’s Study Book Circle


GTW Steering Wheel


We welcome ideas for new circles and are willing to support you in creating them.

First, visit the Global Matrix site to watch our Circle Training Videos:

Then, CONTACT US to discuss your ideas.


Circles are the Essence of Gather The Women

In circle there is no hierarchy and no separation. Circle principles allow women of all backgrounds and denominations to experience leadership.

Circles include extroverts and those who have been watching from the sidelines for a lifetime equally. Women who have perhaps spent their lives as introverts are gently held by the group with a respect they may have never experienced. Every woman feels safe and comfortable and begin to speak from the heart.

There is a request for $5.00 to be contributed to GTW when attending a circle.

The purpose of that is to help with funding for the ongoing outreach of Gather the Women of Nevada County, including films, presentations, and special events.

Many of you are attending more than one circle. Some circles meet more frequently than others. Our request is just that each person give as she is able to joyfully contribute without creating a hardship for herself. No one will ever be denied participation in a Gather the Women of Nevada County event because of lack of funds.

In consideration of others, we request that women honor the No Scent Zone at our circles and events. GTW is not liable or responsible for the content or qualifications of the materials or presenters.

Gather the Women Nevada County is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

We invite you to support our programs!

Gather The Women is a non-profit organization supported through the donations of those who benefit from it. Support your spiritual connections in a sisterhood of giving and receiving.

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