Transformational Wholeness: Integrating Body, Mind, & Spirit

Meets weekly

An ongoing group for Women dealing with cancer
Ongoing Tuesdays 10am-12:30 pm
Dr. Nanci Shanderá
Email for registration, location, and detailed flyer.

No charge – Offered in partnership with SNMH Dignity Health Cancer Center

In this warm, supportive group, you will transform limiting and unconscious perceptions of your life, discover inner secrets of healing, learn how your dreams reveal deep messages, learn how adversity is a gift, and eliminate judgment.

We’ll work with the challenges you are experiencing, whether regarding physical health, emotional harmony, relationships, spiritual growth, or other struggles.This group is sponsored by the SNMH Dignity Health Cancer Center and is open to all women wishing to heal on any level. The work is particularly effective for those dealing with cancer now or in the past, dealing with cancer (or death from cancer) of a loved one, or working with caregiving cancer patients. This group is not a therapy group, but rather Soul and heart-based. You will learn to perceive your challenges of body, mind and Spirit from an unconditional, healing perspective.