Sounding for Self-Care & World Peace

Meets Monthly

Third Thursdays
7:00-8:30 pm
Contact: Hilary Brumley for more information and directions.

In this circle we will explore the healing, transformative, and creative power of self-created vocal sounds called “toning”. We will experience harmonic resonance and heart coherence, bringing balance and clarity, enabling us to be the best expressions of ourselves. We will learn about the sacred vowel sounds and their correspondence to the chakras and glands. We will explore basic principles of sound healing. We will explore silence and harmonic overtones, creating sacred space and sending intentions for the highest good and harmony of all.

tone”…expresses his whole organization of body, soul, and spirit 
as a revelation to the outside as well as to the inside.
The vowel element is the sound playing on this musical instrument.
When producing vowel sounds,
we actually push what lives in the soul out through the body.

                                                                           ~ Rudolph Steiner

Come let your unique voice enrich the diverse harmonic symphony of the universe!