Below is a list of past issues of the Gather the Women Newsletter. Click on the link to see the newsletter. The newsletter is emailed to subscribers monthly. To subscribe, fill out the form to the right. To submit to the newsletter, please see guidelines below.

Newsletter Submission Requests

Gather the Women welcomes submissions of new circle ideas, event information and announcements to our monthly newsletter. The decision to publish is subject to the discretion of the Steering Wheel. Newsletter submission requests are only considered on the first Wednesday of each month. The Steering Wheel is composed of volunteers who give of their time to facilitate GTW. We have no office staff.

New Submissions deadline: The GTW Newsletter is published by the first of each month. The deadline for newsletter submissions is the 20th of the month prior to the publication date. (e.g. The deadline for the January Newsletter is November 20th.  Please keep in mind when submitting items with dates that readers receive issues four to six weeks after the submission deadline.

How to submit: All submissions should be sent to Judith Hurley Prosser, with the subject line, “GTW Newsletter Submission Request.” Copy should be limited to 200 words or less. We may need to edit your submission (or request a shortened version) for space requirements or to conform to our newsletter style. Please review the newsletter and use it as a guide.