Global Matrix 2016


Gather the Women Global Matrix – We are Enough!

Comments from the ‘GTWNC Eight’ who attended the October 21-24 event in Los Gatos.

“Four days of sacred space, of women sharing from their deepest places. Visions of a new paradigm of enough. Sound healing vibrating through me, body and soul.  Women breaking through, breaking out, releasing and filling the empty space with love.  Lives changed. Bonds made for a lifetime.  Humbled, inspired, rejuvenated, recommitted, empowered, enough.”
~Judith Hurley Prosser

“I have attended the last 10 Annual Gatherings and I am always moved and inspired by the connections of women sitting in circles, opening their hearts, going deep and sharing who they are authentically.  After such deep communications, coming back to superficial conversations where there is little eye contact is difficult.”
~Angie Lux

“My first Annual Gathering! Delighted in meeting women from all over the world, and making new friends. So many new experiences, and so many open hearts. So many women walking the path to embracing change and improvement worldwide for women! The drumming circle was inspirational, and my morning walks on the labyrinth set the spirit of the day. I feel truly blessed to have had this experience.”
~Laura Strathman Hulka

“The annual Gather the Women Global Matrix brought together women of all races, nationalities, ages and culture for a celebration that filled our hearts and souls. At this weekend 64 women shared their stories of life, pain, laughter, joy, learning and growth. There were women from California and across the US as well as Thailand, Canada and Argentina. The programs offered us opportunities to look at our lives in new and different ways to empower the feminine in our daily lives as well as the world.  Our local Steering Wheel members attended the conference and shared our gifts with the community. We each found a deepening friendship with the other members in our collective experience. I encourage all women to join with us next year as we participate in global circles to enrich our lives. It will change your life.”
~Ariann Thomas

“I was inspired by the work women are doing. The difference they are able to make in prisons using circles is life changing. The power of standing together and the support women are sharing in Argentina is another inspiring example of what we can do together.”
~Rachelle Bloksburg

“It was more than I expected it to be.  I felt a real sisterhood/closeness amongst everyone.  It was OK to have feelings and emotions expressed because I was fully accepted.  It was like we had all known each other forever.  The morning Sunrise prayer by TuBears was my favorite part of the day.”
~Elena Lokvig

“I am so very happy I chose and was chosen to attend the Global Matrix Annual Gathering!  This event was about Love, Appreciation and Acceptance. All the things I was seeking.. It was truly all about Enough. We and I truly have Enough.” ~Lily Valeria Pantheion

“Again, I am reminded of the importance of connection to myself and others.  I love this yearly, International event!”
~Nancy Busey, Regional Coordinator for Nevada County, GTW

L to R: Rachelle Bloksburg, Ariann Thomas, Lily Valeria Pantheion, Judith Hurley Prosser, Elena Loksvig BACK ROW Angie Lux, Laura Strathman Hulka, Nancy Busey
L to R: Rachelle Bloksburg, Ariann Thomas, Lily Valeria Pantheion, Judith Hurley Prosser, Elena Loksvig BACK ROW Angie Lux, Laura Strathman Hulka, Nancy Busey





One of our leaders – Tu Bears of Reno, Nevada


Tu Bears and our own Judith Hurley Prosser
lead a drumming circle