Gather the Women Nevada County is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. As part of our business practice we are asking that each woman who attends a circle sign our Liability Waiver & Release Form.  If you go to multiple circles, you only need to sign one form.  There may be special waivers for those circles held in commercial locations instead of private homes. Thank you for supporting us in this process.

Our Current Circles

Click on the Links below for descriptions.

GTW Steering Wheel

Full Moon Water Ceremony for Women

Transformational Wholeness

Women’s Prosperity Circle

Women’s Study Book Circle

Sounding for Self-Care & World Peace

Drum Some Fun

Wholeness & Equality Bible Study


Circle Contributions & Updates

There is a request for $5.00 to be contributed to GTW when attending a circle. The purpose of that is to help with funding for the ongoing outreach of Gather the Women of Nevada County, including films, presentations, and special events.

Many of you are attending more than one circle. Some circles meet more frequently than others. Our request is just that each person give as she is able to joyfully contribute without creating a hardship for herself. No one will ever be denied participation in a Gather the Women of Nevada County event because of lack of funds.

In consideration of others, we request that women honor the No Scent Zone at our circles and events. GTW is not liable or responsible for the content or qualifications of the materials or presenters of the programs listed.

Presently, our link for Paypal donations is inoperative. So sorry for the inconvenience. You can still donate by check. Checks may be made out to GTWNC and mailed to GTWNC, PO Box 87, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924. Thank you.

Listening, witnessing, role modeling, reacting, deepening, mirroring, laughing, crying, grieving, drawing upon experience, women in circles support each other and discover themselves, through talk.  – Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, The Millionth Circle.

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Getting the word out about the circles of Gather the Women of Nevada County has greatly been improved by! In two years, this forum has added 200 more women to GTW or signed up for the newsletter! On the meetup site, we are able to invite the 200 members to circles, remind them, track the RSVPs, and receive emails from other members.  (The number of RSVPs on meetup does not accurately reflect the number of women who will attend.)

If you are new to Meetup, be sure to visit your profile, and select how many emails and notifications you want, so we don’t inundate you with too many for you.

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