Circle Creation Event!

GTW Circle Creation Meeting

Upcoming – to be set for April or May 2018. Check our newsletter for updates.

Do you have a passion for which you seek support?

Are you looking for a way to connect with other women?

This is your opportunity to learn about the ongoing Gather the Women circles and to get support for your ideas for a circle or project.  Every year we are astounded with the creativity of our local women.  Current ongoing circles that were birthed out of this event include Drumming and the Women’s Study Book Circle.

Other current circles include:

  • Women’s Prosperity
  • Sound Healing
  • Full Moon Water Ceremony
  • Wholeness and Equality Bible Study

In the past circles formed around the Three Faces of the Goddess, Organic Culinary Arts and Feasting, Shamanic Wisdom, Peace and Art, the meth issue, personal finances, meditation, ritual, films, and more.

Out of this meeting, the ongoing work of Gather the Women of Nevada County will be formed.  Come and be a part of it all.

For more info.: Call 530.272.2402

Facebook: Gather the Women of Nevada County