WELCOME to Gather the Women NC

Welcome to our Website. While many women are getting more active and more involved in the political process,  Gather the Women is a non-political women’s group, with circles to help ground you, provide you with a safe place to revamp and relax, refresh your soul and connect you to others seeking a path of spirituality, comfort and self-care. Whatever you are enthusiastic about in your busy life, find a place here with one of our circles. We welcome all women!

We expect 2018 to be our best year ever. We celebrated our 15th year with a fantastic gathering on March 8th. See here for information.  In April, we had a successful Circle Creation Meeting – our first  new circle will be in June! See information below. 

Subscribe on the right to get the news in your email box on or near the first of each month. Our calendar is below. As spring takes hold, and we become more in touch with the sun and mother nature, there will be more circles returning from winter hiatus, and some new circle options.


Jan 14th – A NEW CIRCLE!

Inviting Sacred Space
into your Home

Second Sunday (Jan 14, 2018)
Contact:  Catherine Hoff at catherinehoff@comcast.net for directions to gathering place (in Grass Valley, near Cedar Ridge).

Spiritual Altar. Personal Shrine. Divine Assemblage. Soulful Display. Intentional Sanctuary.  How do you bring a sense of sacredness to your surroundings?

We will explore and consider environments that invoke inspiration, memory, reverence, and meaning. In a co~creative process, we will share ideas and stories around the experience of creating Sacred Space, how to infuse ritual into our spaces/places, and discover new ways to elevate this art form as a meaningful tool in our lives.

During our initial meeting, we will look at the history and prevalence of home altars and discuss different types of domestic sacred spaces.

Open to the full spectrum of Altaristas–from curious novices to seasoned artisans.